Terms of use of the apartment

We want to avoid misunderstandings and provide you with a good rest, so please read our rules for using our apartments. Acknowledgment of the acceptance of the booking is unambiguous with the acquaintance with and acceptance and acceptance of these regulations.


1. The apartment is rented for the day.
2. The rental period is from 2 pm to 11.00 am.
3. Guests must specify the length of stay and pay the amount due in advance for the entire stay.
4. Any requests to extend the stay beyond the period specified on the date of arrival, must be submitted to the owner by 10.00 am on the closing date of renting the apartment.
5. The owner will consider extending the stay whenever possible.
6. The owner does not consent to pets in the apartment.
7. Suite is bound to keep silence from 10.00 pm to 7.00 am.
8. The behaviour of guests and people using the services of the hotel should not disturb other guests
The owner may refuse to continue to provide services to a person who disobeys this principle and he is not obliged to furnish a refund for the unused period of stay.

Obligations of the owner

1. The owner is obliged to provide conditions for a peaceful stay.
2. The owner is obliged to provide bed linen and towels before arrival.
3. The owner is obliged to immediately react to remarks and concerns about services, operation of equipment, and cleanliness by taking steps to remove the defects and solve the problems.
4. Personal belongings left by a guest can be sent on request to the address indicated. If such instruction is not given , the items are stored for 2 weeks.
5. The owner shall not be responsible for the loss or damage of valuables left in the apartment.
6. In the event of sudden or unforeseen circumstances, owner reserves the right to change the booked apartment with another of the same class or higher, and in the absence of a free apartment to cancel the reservation.

Obligations of the guest

1. Each time leaving the apartment, guest should check if the door is locked.
2. The guest is responsible for any damage, including damage to the equipment and furnishings arising from his fault or the fault of people visiting him.
3. Smoking in apartments is prohibited. Guests who do not comply with the ban on smoking in the apartment can expect a fee of 200 PLN.
4. Organizing social events in the apartment is prohibited. For organizing social events, troublesome for other tenants, the landlord can charge 500 zł penalty fee.
5. In the case of loss of keys for the apartment the guest is obliged to pay 100 zł fee.
6. If the remote control for the gate/garage is lost, the guest is obliged to pay 200 zł fee.

Keys and remote controls for garage door

1. The keys to the apartment are given directly by the employee of MSapartamenty in a specified location and at a specified time. If the guest is unable to reach the predetermined rendezvous, he should immediately inform the service of MSapartamenty.
2. The customer is obliged to inform the person responsible for handing over the keys and the remote control for the garage at least two hours before the arrival at the apartment.
3. During the transfer to the apartment, the employee hands out 1 set of keys and in the case of the guest having made a reservation, a remote control for garage door.
4. Passing the key and remote control for the garage door on the day of departure takes place in a manner agreed upon with the owner.


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